Steam Deck: You can now check the compatibility of your game library

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Valve has launched a page dedicated to the verify the compatibility of your own Steam game library with Steam Deck, its hybrid between a portable console and a PC. This is a very useful tool for those who want to know what they will be able to play or not on the new hardware (net of future updates).

All you have to do is reach this page and link your account. All the games owned will therefore be divided into the following categories, which are decidedly self-explanatory: Games from your Library Checked on the Deck; Games from your Library Playable on the Deck; Games from your Library Not supported on the Deck; Games from your Library Not tested for the Deck.

To be emphasized, as also done by Valvethat “The Steam Deck Verification Team tests more and more games every day, progressing through the Steam catalog. For more information on our compatibility check process and what the results mean, please visit this page:

Listed below are the games * from your Library * that we have tested so far. Check back often for updates, as we test new games every day.

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