Steam: Dying Light 2 dominates the top 10 best sellers, Lost Ark occupies five positions

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Impressive top 10 best-selling titles on Steam globally in the past week, which sees Dying Light 2 by Techland in first position, followed by a Lost Ark in great shape. We see:

  1. Dying Light 2
  2. Lost Ark Platinum
  3. Lost Ark Bronze
  4. Lost Ark Gold
  5. Elden Ring
  6. Lost Ark Silver
  7. Total War: Warhammer III
  8. Dying Light 2
  9. Lost Ark Vanquisher
  10. Dying Light 2

In reality, the most interesting fact, which moreover immediately catches the eye, is the fact that Dying Light 2 occupies three positions in the ranking (first, eighth and tenth place), while the content packs of Lost Ark well five (second, third , fourth, sixth and ninth place).

Basically two games have eaten the top 10, considering that the other two positions are occupied by titles not yet available on the market: Elden Ring in fifth position and Total War: Warhammer III in seventh.

That Dying Light 2 and Lost Ark were doing very well was understood by the number of simultaneous players of both titles, but now we have a more precise confirmation of their results.

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