Steam: new rules for discounts, Valve illustrates the changes for the benefit of players

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Valve has made available a series of information related to changes which will be applied to the rules of Steam discounts. In general, these are changes that benefit the players.

The arrival of changes to the discount rules it had already been announced this month, but we didn’t have the details yet. Now, Valve has explained the news for Steam:

  • You can activate an introductory discount, but after that offer ends you have to wait 28 days before other discounts
  • It is not possible to discount a product for 28 days after a price increase, in any currency
  • Discounts cannot be activated earlier than 28 days after the previous discount, with the exception of Steam Seasonal Events
  • Discounts for Seasonal Events cannot be activated on games that have been released for less than 28 days, nor within 28 days of the launch discount ending, or within 28 days of the price increase in any currency
  • You cannot change the price while a promotion is active or already planned for the future
  • It is not possible to make a discount higher than 90% and not even one lower than 10%
  • Personalized discounts cannot last more than two weeks but cannot last less than one day

Previously, the time period between one discount and the next was six weeks, while it is now four weeks. Additionally, Valve has basically made it impossible for developers / publishers to put their game on Steam by 1%. This practice was intended to make the game appear in the discount list without actually offering an advantageous price: now you must always offer at least 10%.

These new rules will be active starting from March 28, 2022 on Steam.

Right now, Valve is also focusing on new hardware, Steam Deck, which has 22 other confirmed games, including Monster Hunter Rise and Persona 4 Golden.

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