Steam: Valve raises MSRPs of games, dramatically in some regions

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Valve decided to increase The advised price of the games on Steam in many territories. What does this mean? Basically, a table has been published with the new prices of medium-high range games, which will serve as a reference for all the others. The increases affect all regions of the globe to some extent, but in some cases they seem to be truly gigantic.

For example, in Argentina the price of a game goes from 649.99 to 3800 Pesos, with an increase of no less than 485%, while in Turkey from 92 to 510 Turkish Liras, with an increase of 454%. Increases also in Europe, with the recommended price in euros going from €49.99 to €58.99 (+18%), while the price in pounds, therefore valid in the United Kingdom, going from €46.49 to €49.99 (+8%).

Let’s see the complete table:

The Steam Price Increase Table

Now, it should be specified that on Steam the recommended prices are not mandatory, as you will have noticed. In fact, some publishers have been publishing for some time and in total autonomy at the prices indicated by Valve (even higher, in some cases). Nonetheless, it is reasonable to expect that most of the medium-high range market will adjust to the new indications, aimed at combating the effects of inflation, which have affected everyone to a certain extent.

The risks of these increases are obvious, first of all the potential return to a massive use of piracy by those who will be forced to pay much more for each individual game. Let’s hope that doesn’t really happen. However, when prices rise, it is never good news.

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