Stella McCartney created Space Invaders knitted dresses – costing up to $ 1,800

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Fashion and video games go hand in hand and this new one proves it collaboration between Stella McCartney and Space Invaders, the game of Taito. McCartney’s Japanese division has made a number of clothing camps, such as sweaters that go up to $ 1,800.

Stella McCartney has made a series of knitted garments which, as you can see below, include various types of sweaters and also a skirt embroidered with the various aliens that appear in the Space Invaders game. The price varies considerably, starting from the 94,600 Yen skirt (about 726 euros) up to the 205,700 Yen sweater (about 1,789 dollars, or about 1,579 euros).

The Space Invaders collection by Stella McCartney

It is about digits not least, for products that we assume are considered high quality by some fans. Let’s also assume that there is an extremely nostalgic slice of the public and that Stella McCartney’s signature has its own value.

Stella McCartney is an English fashion designer, second daughter of former Beatles member Paul McCartney and his first wife Linda.

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