Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Expansions will not be available for purchase separately

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A few weeks after the launch of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy OriginSquare Enix announced that the three expansions already scheduled after the game launch they cannot be purchased separatelybut only through the season pass.

The confirmation came from the game’s official Twitter account, which explains that the expansions “Trials of Bahamut, the Dragon King”, “Gilgamesh, Dimensional Wanderer” and “Different Future” will not be available outside of the game. season passwhich as we know is currently included with the Digital Deluxe version and will be available for purchase separately in the future, at a price yet to be announced.

This is a stretch that will probably make many turn up their noses, as it basically forces you to buy the entire package even if you are interested in a single DLC. For example, Different Future could potentially be very interesting, as the name suggests some sort of DLC with an alternate ending.

The hope in this sense is that Square Enix will retrace its steps and decide to make the individual expansions available for purchase separately.

We remind you that Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins will be available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One from March 18, 2022.

Three new classes have recently been revealed, Breaker, Void Knight and Tyrant, bringing the total of “Jobs” to 27.

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