Stray Blade: new trailer from Gamescom 2022

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On the occasion of the Gamescom 2022 Future Game Show 505 Games has published a new trailer Of Strayblade, to go back to showing the game in action. This is a pure footage gameplaywhich quickly illustrates the various game systems and gives an idea of ​​the atmosphere and the topics covered.

We read the official descriptionbut not before reminding you that Stray Blade is in development for PC, Xbox and PlayStation:

Prove your worth in this action RPG, engage in fierce battles and explore the ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization. Legends tell of the lost valley of Acrea, a wild and forsaken but undeniably powerful place. You discovered this forgotten land, only to die. Time passes, and miraculously you come back to life. The price to pay: you cannot leave this earth.

Regain freedom and restore stability to this war-torn place, with the guidance of your faithful companion Boji. He explores massive throne halls of giant god-kings and lost cities. He discover their secrets and prepare to face even more lethal enemies. Get ready to explore a world constantly changed by your discoveries and conflicting forces! Embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Embark on a unique journey to discover the history of Acrea and its legacy. Learn about the events that transformed a peaceful valley into a place of death and strife. Use this knowledge to destroy the remnants of the past and pacify this ravaged valley.

Change is part of the journey, as every victory leaves a mark on the world. Time keeps ticking even when you die. Revisit the locations of past victories and discover how your actions have changed the world. But beware! Your actions will lead to even greater challenges.

A highly responsive combat system allows you to act quickly and attack with precision, for total control in battle. You will be able to anticipate enemy blows with strategy and react instantly blow to blow, ideal in combat with melee weapons.

Confront the god-kings who brought these lands to ruin. End their rule and free the valley from the shadows of the past. Acquire their powers and use them to unravel the mysteries of Acrea. New lands are waiting to be discovered.

The Adventurer and Boji each have their own talent tree.
The Adventurer is a warrior who gains experience through battles, while the Boji is a craftsman who increases his experience by finding ancient relics.

In colorful Acrea you will find ruins of lost cities, frozen caves and meandering gorges. Together with your partner you will explore the most remote corners of a constantly changing world that holds endless adventures. Every discovery hides treasures. Find rare materials, recipes, weapons, relics and places of extraordinary beauty. Gamescom 2022 marked the return of the Cologne gaming fair, with also that of related events, such as this one, which are now the main source of announcements for video games.

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