Street Fighter 6: Jeff Grubb is sure it will be announced on Monday

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Journalist Jeff Grubb, known for reporting many rumors that later turned out to be true, has no doubts that Monday Capcom will announce Street Fighter 6at the end of the counter back launched in recent days.

The reasons for such security are actually the same that make everyone believe that that will be the day of the new chapter of the historic fighting game saga: the counter deadline corresponds to the final of this year’s Street Fighter tournament. . What else could the Japanese publisher announce on such an occasion?

Someone speaks of another season pass for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, but at this point it seems unlikely, given that the previous season pass had already been added only for some difficulties in the development of Street Fighter 6, as it was possible to understand from some rumors and from the expulsion of the historical director of the series.

However we will see. Capcom has many intellectual properties of piacchiaduro in dating. Furthermore, the announcement is not necessarily a game. Maybe it’s about a new Street Fighter TV series, or something else. We just have to wait to find out more.

Meanwhile, let’s play Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, which has been available for years for PS4 and PC.

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