Street Fighter 6 will use the RE Engine and will be designed for esports

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Street Fighter 6 will be moved by the mighty RE Enginethe proprietary graphics engine used by Capcom for the latest Resident Evil episodes, and will be designed for eSportwith a number of technologies implemented to do just that.

So Street Fighter 6 will not use the Unreal Engine, as already anticipated by the well-known leaker Dusk Golem, and will rely on the effectiveness of the engine developed by the Osaka house, which could also have been used for the realization of the teaser trailer that we review here under.

As for the eSport vocation, the new episode of the fighting game series will support the netcode rollbacka technology that “anticipates” the moves of the players to minimize latency by dynamically modifying the frames based on the actual inputs transmitted.

“Capcom is developing the game with the aim of elevating the fighting game genre to new standards in the world of esports, while using cutting-edge technology to produce a compelling experience,” reads the Japanese firm’s press release.

As already reported, at the moment the details on Street Fighter 6 are very few, to the point that the reference platforms have not even been announced. More information will be released in the course of the summer.

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