Street Fighter: The Series turns 35 today, Capcom has launched a commemorative site

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On August 30, 1987 the first Street Fighter reached the arcades, giving birth to the series of Capcom, which completes today 35 years of age, as the official website opened by the Japanese company to celebrate the event also reminds us, full of interesting material.

One of the celebratory artworks of the Street Fighter series

Among them, several artwork originals, made especially for the celebrations, as well as many messages from the developers who have worked on the series over the years.

Also interesting is the possibility of compiling postcards with which to tell their experience with the games in the series, which sees the participation of well-known names and ordinary people. Finally, the historical section is beautiful, with a long timeline that traces the fundamental stages of Street Fighter, starting right from the launch of the first episode, up to looking to the future, i.e. to 2023, when Street Fighter 6 will be launched.

By clicking on the highlighted stages, an information sheet opens up full of curiosities and with videos dedicated to the selected game.

Celebratory site for the 35th anniversary of the Street Fighter series

If you are a fan of this historic fighting game series, you just can’t miss the opportunity to celebrate it on this very special day.

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