Super Lone Survivor on Nintendo Switch at risk for hate messages and poor sales on PC

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Super Lone Survivorremake of the indie horror classic Lone Survivor, may never come up Nintendo Switch as announced, due to the hate messages received from its author, Jasper Byrne, and the poor sales of the PC version.

The original title was a 2D horror with a great atmosphere and generally very popular, so as to be rewarded with good sales. For the tenth anniversary, Byrne has decided to make the remake, Super Lone Survivor, changing the graphics engine so as to make the work of creating the ports more agile. Despite the graphic improvements, the new content and the new options, the launch of the game has gone completely unnoticed, both among players, and in the press, and among various streamers and youtubers, even those who had achieved excellent results in terms of views with videos of the original.

Super Lone Survivor is a great remake

The biggest problem, however, was created by the prejudices born of a review on Steam, at the time the only one, written after a few minutes of gameplay (typical of many timely reviews on Steam and one of the problems that Valve seems to no longer care about a lot), in which there was talk of a lack of new content. Of course that’s not true, but that was enough to stop many from buying and for Byrne to receive hate messages via email for the entire operation, so much so that he didn’t want to complete the Nintendo Switch port. In the meantime, the review has been partially corrected, Byrne specified in the description of the game that it is especially recommended for those who have not played the original, but nothing has helped to solve it.

Byrne felt particularly mortified by the situation, so much so that he wrote some particularly pathetic Twitter messages to clarify that the game might not be of interest to everyone, even going so far as to apologize to those who ended up with a different title than they hoped for.

What to add? Byrne seems to be another victim of the gaming hordes, always ready to poison the environment with claims and insults. Too bad for Nintendo Switch owners, who may be missing out on a great game.

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