Super Mario RPG 2: The director of the original would like a sequel to the SNES game

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Super Mario RPG was one of the most particular titles seen on Super Nintendo by Square Enix and Nintendo in collaboration: it remained one of the most significant games of the 16-bit console in question but it never had a following official, so much so that even the director of the original would like to develop itat this point.

Chihiro Fujiokathe director of Super Mario RPG, has therefore expressed the desire to see a recovery of the title in the form of a new chapter, possibly, despite the fact that it is not at all simple, also given the fact of using a real icon like Mario.

Fujioka has worked on numerous other titles in his career that began in the 80s, however, ranging from the role of designer, director, producer and above all composer, since most of his works concern this role in video games. After the experience of Super Mario RPG, he founded the AlphaDream team and took care of the Mario & Luigi series, until he left the studio in 2015, a few years before the closure of this studio for bankruptcy.

In his long experience, however, Mario’s RPG remains the work he is perhaps most attached to, having stated that he wants to end his career with a Super Mario RPG 2 before retiring: “Yes, I would definitely like to develop it”, he reported in an interview published by MinnMax, “In my career I have played a lot of games but I would like my ending to be another Mario RPG, if possible.”

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