Switch: Nintendo is earning less and less, the chip crisis raises production prices

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The CEO of Nintendo – Shuntaro Furukawa – revealed that i earnings from the sale of Nintendo Switch they are slowly decreasing, due to the crisis in raw materials and the related price increase.

Furukawa He said: “The shortage of components is causing costs to rise. And although the growth is gradual, it is having an impact on our earnings. Looking into the year, we believe the impact will be minimal as far as this fiscal year is concerned. but if costs continue to rise to current levels during the next fiscal year as well, then we would expect hardware profitability to decrease correspondingly from this fiscal year. ”

Nintendo Switch OLED

He went on to say, “Unless the situation changes drastically, we do not anticipate an improvement in profitability in the next fiscal year and beyond. That said, these cost increases do not affect our production plans, and we will continue to produce the required volume. to meet demand “. Put simply, players will be able to continue to find Nintendo Switch in stores at classic prices, but in all honesty we wouldn’t expect to see any official massive discounts from the big N in the short term.

Nintendo Switch was sold in 2017 at a price that immediately guaranteed a profit. Furthermore, OLED guarantees a higher profit than the basic model. The only limits are the increases in production costs.

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