Sword Art Online: kri_cos’ Sinon cosplay is explosive

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Sword Art Online is one of the most successful series of recent years and is particularly popular with cosplayers, who can draw inspiration from the rich cast of characters in the work of Reki Kawahara. Today we propose the Sinon cosplay signed by kri_cos in Gun Gale Online version.

Asada Shino, alias Sinon, appeared for the first time in the second season of the anime, subsequently becoming a permanent presence in the cast of the work, often giving a hand to the protagonist Kirito in his misadventures in virtual worlds.

kri_cos is a huge fan of Sword Art Online, recently for example we have also seen her in the “divine” role of Asuna, and in particular of Sinon, of which she often offers new interpretations that are always very apt and faithful to the character. Today’s cosplay is based on the Gun Gale Online version, the fictional MMO in which the second series of the anime takes place. In addition to the usual great attention to detail, this time the Japanese cosplayer amazes with a shot that seems straight out of a scene from a live action series, which portrays her posing while she fires a shot with Sinon’s iconic sniper rifle. .

What do you think of the Sinon cosplay from Sword Art Online made by kri_cos?

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