Syberia: The World Before: The new images show the city of Vaghen

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Kate Walker in Vaghen

Let’s see these new images of Syberia: The World Before, published by the publisher Microids to show some new places that can be visited in the game. More precisely, the city of Vaghen is illustrated in 2005, when it was visited by Kate Walker. The protagonist is looking for a certain person who looks a lot like her. Too bad she lived almost seventy years before her. Let’s see the images collected in a practical gallery:

As you can see, the style of the late Benoit Sokal is very marked. The artist seems to have managed to create a dream location, full of interesting details.

Vaghen, 1937: Dana Roze is a 17-year-old girl who embarks on a brilliant career as a pianist. Her future, however, grows darker when the fascist threat of the Brown Shadow looms over Europe at the dawn of the Second World War.

Taiga, 2004: Kate Walker survives as best she can in the salt mine where she was imprisoned, until a tragic event prompts her to set out on a new adventure in search of her identity.

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