Take-Two: Activision-Xbox merger will create 2nd gaming superpower, after Take-Two itself

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Strauss Zelnick – CEO of Take-Two (Rockstar’s parent company, 2K and more) – has his say on the future merger between Microsoft Xbox and Activision. Simply put, in his opinion this will create one second gaming superpowerafter the existing Take-Two.

Precisely, Zelnick he said during a financial meeting: “I think that, assuming that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision goes through, it means that there will be two very powerful companies that deal purely in gaming entertainment, and we will be one of them. . ”

The CEO added that the merger between Activision Blizzard and Xbox will have its own benefits in terms of marketing and will attract a lot of industry talent. At the same time, she expects some disadvantages. “I think there will probably be some advantages in terms of attracting talent and in terms of being able to invest in interesting experiments and position them in the market in a decisive way. At the same time, with a business platform that has an even more range of products. robust, there will be benefits. And again, perhaps, there will be some drawbacks. ”

The merger of Xbox and Activision in one image

Zelnick he continued, “I think we are very focused on what we can control and we tend not to worry about things that are out of our control: what is under our control is making successes. And as long as we stick to our approach, which is trying to be the most creative, most innovative and most efficient company in the industry, as long as we focus strongly on quality, we do well. And if we take a misstep, if we put a foot wrong, if we divert our attention from that strategy, we do not do the same well. So we have our work to do and we are focused on this work. ”

Zelnick also commented on the possible financial results of GTA 6, stating that the goal is to sell more than 160 million copies.

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