Take Two works on an open world racing game: is this a new Midnight Club?

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There is a rumor about the possible return of Midnight Club which emerged following the discovery of a job advertisement relating to a mystery man open world racing game in development at Visual Conceptsa description that could match the old classic of Rockstar Games.

To tell the truth it’s not really a new thing, given that the first signs of this project date back to 2019, but the issue has come back into vogue as new job advertisements have emerged that indicate how development is moving forward.

Visual Concepts, authors of NBA 2K22, are an internal team at 2K Games that is part of the Take Two galaxy, but they are something different from Rockstar Games, despite sharing the parent company, which makes the interpretation a little suspicious. about whether this is a new Midnight Club.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles, a screenshot from the 2008 game

However, the characteristics of the mystery project could really match up with the late Rockstar Games racing series that no longer had a follow-up from Midnight Club: Los Angeles in 2008. The job advertisements they concern producer, technical artist, automation engineer, software engineer and software engineer for multiplayer, so apparently there is still a lot of work to be done.

What we know so far is that this is a cross-platform triple A open world racing game, in development since at least 2019 and belonging to a “big series”. It appears to be based on the Unreal Engine and has multiplayer, all of which could match a new Midnight Club, waiting to hear more.

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