TCL Fold ‘n’ Roll, 360 Ultra Flex and XR Concept Glasses: a future of folding screens and AR glasses

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To act as the main protagonist of TCL’s participation in the Mobile World Congress it is undoubtedly the TCL 30 smartphone family, certainly not designed to revolutionize the sector, but to attract attention thanks to the excellent relationship between price and overall offer. The company was also keen to underline its commitment to innovation, starting with a series of concept and design tied to folding screens.

TCL’s Surround Display, still in conceptual form

Among them is the well known Fold ‘n’ Roll shown with a trailer in 2021 and then disappeared from radar. But behind the scenes she is still at the center of TCL’s efforts, determined to create a smartphone with a screen that can fold and slide forward, transforming a pocket device into a decent-sized tablet. And that’s exactly the goal of the Surround Displayfinally shown in the first image.

In addition, the company has the 360 Ultra Flex, the first fully foldable display designed to be able to completely wrap a device. Camera under the screen, therefore, and the promise of smartphones and tablets characterized by the possibility of transforming themselves into secondary monitors or taking on the most disparate forms. The only obstacle at the moment is the angle that remains on the outside when the screen is folded and that undergoes an expansion of the display surface that is difficult to manage. But TCL is confident in the ability of its engineers to solve the problem.

The new TCL XR Concept Glasses, designed to fix the problems of the previous model

The new TCL XR Concept Glasses, designed to fix the problems of the previous model

To close the news, there are smart glasses XR Concept Glasses, the new model announced at CES 2022 and on display on the Mobile World Congress showfloor that aims to improve last year’s Nxtwear, using a screen with 4 micrometer MicroLED, full-color holographic optical waveguide technology and high refraction lenses. Also in this case we are talking about a concept, without prices or dates, but we are clearly talking about a product closer to commercialization that could emerge on the market already by the end of the year.

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