TechTonik: special episode with Luca Bonati of MSI, to talk about new generation hardware

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TechTonik come back today at 4:00 pm on our channel Twitch with a special episode in which Pierpaolo Greco (and up to here there is nothing special) will talk about new generation hardware with Luca Bonatithe marketing manager of MS extensionwhich will present the new product line up of the well-known hardware manufacturer.

Taking advantage of the expertise of the guest, who is passionate about technology and video games, regardless of his role, we will also talk in depth about some hot topics in the hardware world, such as the new generations of Intel and AMD, the cost of motherboards and what of the new video cards, especially Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090. We will also talk about the cancellation of the 4080 from 12, with a probable name change, gaming monitors and much more.

In short, starting from MSI products, many questions will be explored, answering the most compelling questions in the sector.

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