Tencent, negative record for shares: since 2021 it has lost 650 billion dollars

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Tencent is going through a bad time: his actions they scored a negative record for the last five years and from 2021 the Chinese company it lost $650 billion.

While continuing to focus on major acquisitions of Western companies, Tencent is therefore not doing well. The reasons for these difficulties arise from the collapse of Asian tech companies and by the strict anti-COVID policies implemented by the Chinese government.

Witness the sensational overtaking that took place in recent days: Tencent is no longer the most valuable Chinese company, as it was until some time ago, as it was beaten by Kweichow Moutai, a rice liquor producer who currently surpasses it of 235 million dollars.


The situation has required an internal restructuring and it is probably precisely for this reason that we are witnessing a focus on Western companies: Tencent’s business at home is struggling a lot and therefore executives are looking elsewhere.

A few weeks ago Tencent invested 300 million euros in Guillemot Brothers Limited, therefore Ubisoft, and secured the advice of Shawn Layden.

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