The Ascent for PS5 and PS4 is official, here is the release date and trailer

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The Ascentthe cyberpunk action RPG developed by Neon Giant, has also been officially announced for PS5 and PS4complete with a date of exit And trailer: The game will be available on PlayStation Store from 24 March.

After the classifications in Taiwan and in the USA, it was only a matter of time before the publisher Curve Games made official the arrival of The Ascent on PlayStation 5 And PlayStation 4as part of a version that already includes all updates.

In our review of The Ascent we talked about how the game features solid and fun twin stick shooter-style mechanics and great cyberpunk atmospheres, but at the same time suffers from major problems when it comes to exploring the hub and dungeons.

Set in the futuristic metropolis of Veles, a place dominated by corporations, The Ascent puts us in command of a worker who finds himself having to defend his district from the assault of hordes of enemies in an attempt to find out what happened.

To get to the truth, however, our character will have to take up arms and fight, launching himself alone or in cooperative within missions as longer and more complex.

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