The Attack of the Giants, Mikasa and Eren cosplay from lowcostcosplay is a sexy ball

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Can a sexy ball (everyone has their paraphilias) become part of a cosplay? Yes, if the process with which it was used is revealed, as done by the usual genius of lowcostcosplay, who wanted to represent Mikasa and Erentwo of the protagonists of the series The attack of the Giantswhose Manga is now over and whose anime version is moving towards closure, spending as little as possible.

The photo should have fully informed you about the beauty of this cosplay, which we can place without delay among the masterpieces of humanity. Our hero wanted to reproduce a famous shot from the anime, with Eren shown from behind while Mikasa gives him a sad and delicate look, wearing his scarf.

As you can see, our favorite cosplayer dressed as Eren flawlessly, wearing a simple brown t-shirt, while Mikasa … is a ball, but with Mikasa written on it and with the scarf. Magritte would be happy with such a choice. A little ‘also Dali. Masaccio definitely not.

The Attack of the Giants tells of a world in which the last human beings live inside huge walls, to defend themselves from monstrous creatures that seem to want only to devour them, the giants. Why do they do it? Where they come from? Who created them? These and many more are the questions that the protagonist Eren Jager and his friends and colleagues will have to find answers in the course of their adventures.

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