The Batman: Warner Bros wanted a PG-13 movie, but there will be violence and “disturbing” themes

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The Batmanthe new film from Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves, will be PG-13, i.e. not suitable for those under 13. The request was from Warner Bros. itself, which wanted to avoid a film for adults only. At the same time, however, The Batman will not miss violence and other “disturbing” themes.

Reeves said in a new interview with Collider that The Batman “pushes what is possible with a PG-13 movie to the limits.” There official classification he states that in the film it will be possible to see “intense violence and disturbing content, drugs, foul language and some suggestive materials”.

Robert Pattinson in The Batman

Reeves explained that Warner Bros. she was “incredibly supportive” and “loved from the start” the director’s idea for The Batman, which is to create a noir story using Batman’s detective side. The goal was to create something that was perceived as “different and different and definitive”. Reeves also explains that Warner Bros. never tried to block his ideas.

That said, The Batman’s goal was to make a more accessible film for all ages, following a series of films aimed at more adult audiences, such as Joker, Harley Quinn, The Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.

We also recently discovered that Pattinson tried to use a different voice in The Batman but “it was absolutely atrocious”.

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