The Game Awards and the Celeste trophy case sold on eBay by an auto parts dealer

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The new video published by the youtuber PrestilgeIsKey tells us about the curious case of trophy awarded to Celeste as Best Independent Game during the The Game Awards 2018which after missing for 4 years, is been spotted on eBay thanks to an ad from an auto parts dealer.

It all started because of the youtber’s desire to have a replica of the trophies awarded during the show directed by Geoff Keighley. But he never expected to get his hands on a real prize and above all to buy it for less than 500 dollars.

In fact, during his research PrestigeIsKey, aka Ryan B., came across a curious eBay advert, which was selling the trophy awarded at The Game Awards 2018 to the creators of Celeste, namely Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry, for 500 dollars.

Ryan was initially suspicious, which is understandable, given that the other items the seller proposed included car parts and key chains. And in that sense the description in the listing was also pretty vague, with the seller stating that the prize “comes from one of our liquidations, other than that we have no further information on the origin of this item.”

Despite the fear of being faced with a pretty good rip off, the youtuber made an offer for $ 375 and it was accepted by the seller. As we can see in theunboxing in the video above, the one received by Ryan is actually Celeste’s original prize, complete in every component and complete with original packaging, even if partially slightly worn.

But the story does not end here. Intrigued by what the youtuber got in touch with the development team to find out the truth. How did a The Game Awards trophy end up in the hands of an eBay retailer? The answer leads to a further mystery.

According to the statements of Heidy Motta of Extremely Ok Games, the studio of the authors of Celeste, actually the award was never awarded to the developer headquarters. Hard to say what happened, maybe the package got lost during shipping and who knows how it ended up in the eBay seller’s hands.

We will probably never know for sure, but on the other hand this curious story ended in the best way. Ryan B. has in fact decided to deliver Celeste’s prize to its rightful owners, who in exchange refunded him for the purchase and gave him some autographed copies of the game.

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