The King of Fighters 15, anime style video presents the characters of the game

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The King of Fighters 15 is the protagonist of a beautiful anime style trailer which presents the roster of personages available in the new fighting game, a real animated short film that greets the next launch of the game scheduled for this month.

The King of Fighters 15 has the exit date set for February 17, 2022, so it’s not long to see it in the final version (obviously except for further subsequent additions), so it’s time to celebrate it with this interesting initiative from SNK: it is an animated video directed by Masami Obariwho had also previously worked on animated productions based on Fatal Fury.

The short film in question serves above all to show the numerous characters that make up the roster of The King of Fighters 15, each present on screen for only a few seconds, given the amount of fighters inside the fighting game. There is just space for some hints on the background of each one and also to present what the boss of the game should be, with some small narrative element.

The roster will then expand further, considering that 12 characters are expected to arrive in 2022 via DLC, while at the beginning of January we had seen trailers and images for Kula Diamond, always within the large cast of the game arriving on February 17 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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