The Last of Us Part I would include an ester egg on Naughty Dog’s next game, for fans

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The Last of Us Part I has arrived, and while it is the same game known to fans, it includes some minor tweaks and new features. One of them is a new potential easter eggs which, according to fans, is hinting at what the Naughty Dog’s next game.

As you can see just below, Naughty Dog Central – which is responsible for collecting the news on the Californian development team – has shared some Images which show the new art work present in The Last of Us Part I.

The images taken from The Last of Us Part I show a number of clearly cut settings, characters and creatures Fantasy. The visuals are messy and the in-game screenshots aren’t perfect, but still let us see that the theme is there.

Obviously it is possible that they have no meaning, but according to the players it would be a teaser of the next game by Naughty Dog. It is not the first time, in fact, that the finger has been pointed towards a new fantasy game for the Cagnacci.

Furthermore, we recall that in Uncharted 3 there was an easter egg from The Last of Us, a newspaper in which there was talk of a deadly mushroom. It would therefore not be strange for Naughty Dog to share a teaser of a new IP within the previous one.

For now it is only a speculation and it is possible that it will still take some time before we find out something about the future project of Naughty Dog, which has however been officially confirmed. The team’s next game, however, will be the multiplayer game set in the world of The Last of Us.

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