The Last of Us Remake for PS5: longer story and amazing graphics, for a rumor

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The Last of Us Remakethe much-talked-about makeover of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece for PS5will boast one longer story and improved, as well as a graphics absolutely amazing, superior to that of The Last of Us 2: the leaker Foxy reports it.

Coming in the second half of 2022 for an insider, The Last of Us Remake will not just redo the trick to the action survival originally published on PS3, but will bring changes also important to the narrative component.

“Although not yet officially announced by Sony, as far as I’ve heard The Last of Us Remake will substantially improve the original storyline, it will have a longer duration and a visual fidelity that far surpasses the beautiful The Last of Us 2, “wrote Foxy.

A user asked for clarification on history changesassuming that Sony wanted to bring them to bring the new game closer to The Last of Us TV series, which as we know will change some details compared to what we know.

Foxy replied that the changes could possibly involve the introduction of new characters and what that choice would imply, but he also said he had little information at the moment to be able to provide certain details.

Finally, as regards the nature of the project, the leaker said he only heard about the version PlayStation 5 of The Last of Us Remake, but that a PS4 edition is not necessarily excluded and we will have to wait to understand how things stand.

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