The Legend of Zelda remade in Minecraft without using mods

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A player of Minecraft used game editor to redo The Legend of Zelda for NES. The beauty is that he has not used any mod third-party resources or dedicated resource packs. C1OUS3R, this is the name of the author of the company, is known in the community for having already remade Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. using the title of Mojang. His tribute to the first Zelda took him about a month to make.

C1OUS3R used command blocks, custom textures and other Minecraft features for his work, as explained in the video with which he introduced him:

“I used Blockbench to create a flat version of Links visible from all sides, so you could turn it to make it look like it’s looking in any direction,” explained C1OUS3R, “I could have modeled it in Voxel like I’ve done for previous games. However the differences would have been imperceptible and would have taken thirty times as long as this and I don’t have it.”

To give the illusion that the player controls Link and not the character, C1OUS3R stuffed the model of Link into a hollow gourd that can be worn as a cap, then made the protagonist invisible.

The project will be made available to everyone when the video on YouTube has reached 5,000 likes (at the time of writing this news it has around 1,700). C1OUS3R himself would like to launch an entire engine inside Minecraft, easier to use than Unity, which helps people enter the world of game development.

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