The Sandbox metaverse: Verratti is the first footballer to buy an island in NFT

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The metaverse begins to conquer the players too, demonstrating how the issue is gaining ground at different levels, with Verratti who announced that he had bought an entire island on The Sandboxthus becoming the first footballer in the world to launch into the world of luxury NFTs.

In an interview conducted by, the PSG midfielder revealed that he had decided to make this important investment following the advice of a company specializing in finance, which pushed to focus on the purchase of assets Luxury NFT.

Verratti therefore purchased one of the 25 islands for sale within The Sandbox’s metaverse through the Exclusible marketplace, which specializes in transactions of a certain caliber regarding digital tokens.

“I was very keen to reach this goal first, I really believe in new technologies and in this I wanted to be a precursor of the times and an example to follow for many others “, Verratti told, claiming that he never considered it madness and that he also attracted the attention of some teammates such as Neymar and Paredes, who have already had similar experiences even if not at the same level.

As for the characteristics of the purchase, not much has been revealed except that, of course, there will also be a stadium on the island. Obviously, such a purchase must be seen in perspective as a possible investment, also considering the large sums required for such purchases.

The fact of buying a virtual island within a metaverse, in addition to possible returns in terms of image for the simple fact of creating a “case”, has the purpose of trying to secure an asset that could obtain a great value on the medium or long term, but obviously it will be necessary to see if the metaverses and The Sandbox in particular will have the hoped-for success. You can learn more about the metaverse in question by reading our tried-and-true The Sandbox Alpha, which could be bought by Facebook, according to some recent news.

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