The Seven Deadly Sins, the cosplay of Elizabeth by anastasia.komori in the maid version

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We return to the fantasy atmospheres of The Seven Deadly Sins with a nice Elizabeth cosplayundoubtedly one of the most loved female characters in anime and particularly popular for cosplayers, in the maid version reinterpreted by anastasia.komori.

Elizabeth Lyonesse is the third princess of Lyonesse, adopted by King Bartra and therefore legitimate heiress to the throne, but destined to have to go through numerous vicissitudes instead of reigning calmly from the castle. She is one of the main characters of the series and she is one of the first to appear from the beginning, first covered by a heavy armor that hides her identity but then revealing herself to the protagonist Meliodas at his inn Boar Hat.

Just grappling with the maid version we see it in this beautiful reinterpretation by Anastasia.komori, which takes its cue from Elizabeth’s “work” outfit at the Boar Hat but transforms the costume with decidedly more sensual notes, in line with the typical style of the cosplayer in question, while always maintaining a remarkable contact with the original aspect of the character.

In short, the costume takes some license compared to the standard, but otherwise the reproduction of Elizabeth is remarkable as regards the hair but in general a bit all the traits of the character, with which the model actually has a remarkable similarity.

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