The Sims 4: My Wedding will not be released in Russia due to anti-LGBT laws

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Electronic Arts and the Maxis team have decided not to sell the new expansion of The Sims 4, My marriagein Russia due to laws against same-sex marriages and LGBT propaganda.

For the uninitiated, My Wedding is the new DLC for The Sims 4 out on February 17th for console and PC. The official reveal will take place tomorrow, but thanks to the information already present on the official website we know that the DLC will include the new Tartosa area, a perfect location to celebrate weddings between Sims. To advertise the expansion EA and The Sims 4 development team have decided to tell the love story of two female SimsDominique Umeh and Camille Solo, who have decided to get married.

Camille and Dominique from The Sims 4

The announcement came from the game’s official blog, where the Maxis team explains that they basically preferred not to publish the game in Russia, rather than compromise and obscure Camille and Dominique’s story. In addition to the laws that prevent LGBT marriages, there is also one rule that prohibits the “dissemination of content with” propaganda on non-traditional sexual relations “to minors under the age of eighteen”which would therefore also include the expansion of The Sims 4 and the story of Cam and Dom. In the past Netflix risked losing its broadcasting license in Russia for similar reasons.

“As we continued the making and the storytelling process of the brand, we realized that the way we wanted to tell the story of Cam and Dom was not going to be something that could be freely shared around the world,” explains the development team of The Sims 4.

“The ability to tell stories of any kind is one of the cornerstones of the development of The Sims. Obscuring the story of Cam and Dom would have meant compromising the values ​​we believe in. We are committed to defending the freedom to be the people you are, to love the people you love and tell the stories you want to tell. ”

“What does all of this mean for you players? We are determined to deliver on that commitment by highlighting and celebrating stories like that of Dom and Cam, and we have therefore made the decision to forgo the publication of” My Wedding “where our narrative would be. subject to change due to federal laws. Unfortunately this means that members of The Sims community in Russia will not be able to purchase the My Wedding game pack. “

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