The Witcher 3: a Triss cosplay from spooky.foxx plays with fire

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The Witcher is now a subject widely explored by cosplayers, but often it is the co-stars who attract attention as in this one Triss Merigold cosplay from spooky.foxxwhich shows her struggling with the magic of fire.

Triss Merigold is one of Geralt of Rivia’s great loves, and in this photo posted by spooky.foxx on Instagram she is represented intent on a fire-based spell, also being a somewhat prepared fighter, within a wooded setting.

In this set of images, it looks like the sorceress you use your powers to deliver a particularly powerful blow, yet without giving up a noticeable care in the look, it seems. The interpretation of spooky.foxx is particularly successful, considering the excellent reconstruction of Triss’s more traditional dress and the iconic red hairstyle, but also the post-production work applied to the shots is of remarkable quality in this case.

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