The Witcher 3: Yennefer cosplay from melamori.cosplay is bewitching

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Let’s go back to the atmospheres of The Witcher 3 with another one Yennefer cosplaycertainly one of the most used characters by cosplayers, in this case perfectly executed by melamori.cosplaywhich works in a truly bewitching interpretation.

The cosplayer takes up very appropriately the style of the female character created by Andrzej Sapkowski, based on the look built in particular by CD Projekt RED video game serieswith this Yennefer that makes her fit perfectly into the part: from the costume to the make-up, the girl appears practically immersed in the character in a total way.

Bewitching gaze, raven hair and dark dress, the Yennefer by melamori.cosplay is truly very convincing, while maintaining a certain degree of originality in the interpretation, given that some details are practically personalized, while remaining perfectly on the subject.

Beyond the hair, make-up and dress, they are also convincing environments that form the background to the two photos that make up the set: the ancient mirror, the heavy curtain and the period furniture appear as perfect props to recreate the medieval setting typical of The Witcher, with the fascinating touch that is associated perfectly to the sorceress in question.

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