The Witcher, a Triss Merigold cosplay from Lada Lyumos: gorgeous

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Lada Lyumos posted new photos of her cosplay dedicated to Triss Merigoldthe famous character of the series The Witcherand the model looks really gorgeous in these shots.

The sorceress battlemate of Geralt of Riviaalso present in the second season of The Witcher (review), observes us in this cosplay with a deep gaze and eyes of a wonderful green color.

It goes without saying once again how Lada has done a fantastic job in terms of costume and makeup. Even the pose, in its simplicity, is extremely effective in giving charm to the shot.

“We still have half a week ahead, you have to get stronger,” wrote the model in her post on Instagram. “Drink some water and eat some vegetables. Put your phone aside and do your morning exercises!”

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