Tom Holland would like to act in a Jak & Daxter film, but his proposal is a bit strange

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Tom Holland, an actor best known for playing Spider-Man and the upcoming Uncharted movie, has revealed which film adaptation of a video game he would like to participate in: Jak & Dexter. But his proposal is a bit strange.

Speaking with GameSpot, Tom Holland said: “I would like to make a Jak & Dexter movie and I would play Jak, but I would have A24 make it, so that it is very strange and dark. I would like to make some sort of live version- absurd action by Jak & Daxter. ”

Jak and Daxter

Holland makes it clear that he would like a live-action movie, not an animated product. Obviously this is a far-fetched idea, which we really don’t believe will ever be realized, but for sure the actor’s idea is original.

In case you do not know it, we specify that A24 is a US independent film distribution and production house that has worked on Midsommar, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and the new adaptation of Macbeth.

Let us also remember that Jak & Daxter hasn’t been in the videogame scenes for many years and its return is not at all easy, as Naughty Dog also explains.

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