Trackmania: console and cloud version trailer with Ubisoft Forward exit period

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At Ubisoft Forward on September 10, 2022 it was shown Trackmania in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna versions at the beginning of 2023. The French company showed a new trailer.

Were also confirmed the cross-play and cross-progression. We remind you that it is a free to play game without microtransactions. However, there are also paid versions to access additional content. Trackmania is primarily designed for creating routes.

Trackmania has been available on PC for two years and everything created will be available on console and cloud from D1. This way players will already have access to a large number of content.

In our review we explained that: “Trackmania takes one of the most appropriate formulas of the series in hand to project it into the future, without upheavals but with perfect finishes, with plenty of extras and with a decidedly more evolved infrastructure that rewards creativity, work of the clans and international competition in the sign of that Nations that inspires it. All seasoned with the promise of constant evolution actively financed by player subscriptions. Of course, someone would have preferred to pay something more immediately without having to keep in mind the yet another subscription while someone else will point out that at the dawn of the next gen, something more from a technological point of view would not have been unwelcome. But we are still talking about a title that enjoys 14 years of evolution and that can be played for free, offering the possibility to evaluate whether it is worth spending a little more to enjoy most of the features or for launch into the world of Clubs in search of the complete experience.”

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