Triangle Strategy: Amazon pre-order at the guaranteed minimum price still available

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It is still available on preorder for Triangle Strategy, a Nintendo Switch exclusive game. As always, the pre-order is a guaranteed minimum priceor by booking the game, you will pay, at the time of shipment, the minimum price that appeared on Amazon from this moment on.

We point out that Triangle Strategy has actually obtained one price discount in January, so it is possible that by the release it will be offered again. At that time, the price had dropped by € 10. We remind you that the pre-order is free and it is possible to cancel it up to a few minutes before shipping. Pre-ordering now is the best way to ensure that you get a potential discount from here to exit, without having to follow the price trend day by day.

We also remind you that Triangle Strategy can currently be tried by everyone thanks to Prologue Demo which makes the first three chapters of the full game available. The save can be moved to the full game, so there’s no reason not to try the game and start your game right away.

We also point out that the Telegram Channel dedicated to offers is available. Follow it to be always updated on the latest offers selected by our editorial staff!

One of the Triangle Strategy maps

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