Twitch: Amouranth has launched a new meta, that of plastic balls

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The streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth‘Siragusa is once again center stage thanks to her latest gimmick on Twitch: a new destination focused on plastic balls. Of course, being the most followed female streamer ever on the platform, the news is causing quite a stir.

It must be said that just recently Amouranth bought part of a company that produces plastic balls. The two are inevitably linked: the new meta is also a way to promote his business (if it becomes trending on Twitch, it will make big business). But what does it consist of?

Very simple: Amouranth has filled his room with plastic balls, which he enjoys playing with during the live shows. For every donation of at least $ 2 or 1,000 bits he receives, he adds another, making the situation even more surreal. But not only that: those who donate at least 25 dollars can see the streamer write her name on one of the balls.

A few days ago Amouranth revealed that his room currently contains 3,600 plastic balls, wondering how long it will take to get enough to bury it. Of course, fans have shown their appreciation.

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