Twitch: Boycott Begins Under #BoycottTwitch Hashtag For TwitchCon Disasters

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Some viewers of Twitch they are organizing under the hashtag #BoycottTwitchto launch the boycott of the platform after the recent disasters TwitchConwhich was the classic straw that broke the camel’s back, after months of controversy and problems.

Basically viewers and streamers feel ostracized by Twitch, due to recent changes, such as the revenue split that has become 50/50 with the platform, where before top streamers had special deals that got them up to 70% of the cake, and the organization of what was supposed to be a party, but which was underpinned by the problems and subsequent controversies.

With increasing competitive pressure, particularly that of YouTube, the multiplication of advertisements, which are ruining the experience for many, there are many reasons for protest.

TwitchCon itself was a half-disaster, with streamers getting injured, allegations of harassment and misgendering, and a general disorganization of events. From here the step towards the protest was very short.

According to some, like streamer Toby, deleting accounts can be too much. Some streamers, especially smaller ones, could be penalized by mass abandonment of the platform.

We’ll see if this protest leads to anything. The only certainty is that the signs of discontent with Twitch are multiplying.

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