Twitch: Here comes the “Play on Luna” button, promised some time ago

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Finally the button Play on Luna” on Twitch, for all subscribers to Amazon’s cloud gaming service. This option was promised in 2020, but was never actually implemented. Now Amazon Luna subscribers can enter directly into the games seen during streaming, after linking their accounts to the platform.

Considering that Amazon Luna is still in early access and that it is only available in very few territories, for now it is an option that will be exploited by a very limited amount of people.

It must be said that for now the novelty is not supported in the ways that users were hoping for, especially since the button does not appear during the actual streams, but you have to go to the game pages to find it. In this way, he will struggle a lot to attract attention to himself and to Amazon Luna, since very few will use it.

Be that as it may, its existence is certainly a step forward towards what is Amazon’s general vision towards integrating Luna into Twitch, fundamental to making the service successful. Let’s just hope that the news will arrive at a faster pace, otherwise we see it hard for Amazon Luna.

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