Twitch: Streamer almost smothered live by a passerby during a live IRL

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The streamer Twitch Reydempto was almost smothered live by a passer-by during a live IRL (in real life) broadcast by the city of Amsterdam. Fortunately, the boy was saved, even though he passed out during the broadcast.

Reydempto is a streamer from Chicago, recently moved to the Dutch city, whose landscapes he tries to share with his followers.

The incident happened on the morning of February 13th. Reydempto was walking down the street minding his own business when a stranger approached him and wrapped his hands around his neck, choking him. The man, still unidentified, yelled at Reydempto “I’m live on Twitch“to then say in honor of webcam, while choking him, that”I’ll kill this son of a bitch!“.

The boy begged him to leave him alone, but in response the attacker tightened his grip more, making him faint, as clearly visible from the clip.

Dropped to the ground, Reydempto’s camera went dead, but the stream remained active, causing his viewers to worry enormously, some of whom asked to call the police. Fortunately Reydempto was not damaged by the incident and then confirmed on his Discord channel that he is fine: “I’m sure I hit my head, but not too hard. I felt much better when the oxygen returned to the brain.

After what happened he went home and has reported his assailant, as is due, however despairing that action will be taken.

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