Twitch: Streamer yells so loud for help in Apex Legends that he lures the police

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During a heated game of Apex Legendsthe streamer Twitch Vuzby screamed so loud it drew thebeware of the police, actually intervened to rescue him. The boy was indeed calling for help, but from his teammates.

Sometimes the streamer they can get a little theatrical and over the top in their Twitch performances, this is one of those cases. Vuzby lives in Canada and apparently no neighbors have called the police. The streamer simply yelled for help so loud it was overheard by two officers.

Think of his surprise when he found them behind him. Seeing the situation, one of the two asked him if he was streaming and if at some point he had yelled “help”. Vuzby then explained what happened and that he did it for the “content”.

Verifying that everything was quiet, the cops wished the streamer good luck with his channel views.

But how did they get in? Easy: they first knocked on the window without getting an answer, then rang the bell, where Vuzby’s partner answered by letting them in. In the meantime, he did not notice anything.

Fortunately for Vuzby there was no damage or repercussions, as it found cops who understood the situation. Maybe now he has them among his followers.

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