Ubisoft is aiming for longer games, which can lead to more in-game purchases

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Ubisoft recently demonstrated a shift in attention to a increased player involvement on individual securities, in terms of amount of time passed on these, also because it is a parameter strictly connected with the possibility that the public invests more in in-game purchases through microtransactions.

Players have spent more time in Far Cry 6 than in the previous chapter, with a 45% increase in duration overall in terms of hours spent in the game in question, which Ubisoft considers a great success.

Far Cry 6, a scene from the game

Similarly, Riders Republic also showed a 60% increase in time spent on it by players compared to the previous Ubisoft Annecy game.

In both cases, taken as an example, the increase in time spent on games led to an increase in PRI, or “player recurring investment”which would essentially be how much players spend on extra content on individual games after the initial purchase.

For Far Cry 6, the PRI has increased by 30%, meaning in-game purchases through microtransactions have increased by almost a third compared to Far Cry 5. This is only one aspect that Ubisoft has taken into consideration, but it is likely to represent a important element in the trends on the development of the next gameswhich could focus on increasing the duration to push players to further in-game purchases, which is basically what live services generally aim for.

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