Ubisoft, La Forge expands: new resources for the research & development division

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Ubisoft announced the expansion of de La Forgethe division of the French house that deals with Research and Development with the aim of introducing greater innovation in the production of video games.

A few days after Assassin’s Creed Valhalla grossed over a billion dollars, the company held the annual Ubisoft Developers Conference and it is in this context that the project was announced.

“A true link between academic research and video game production, La Forge combines Ubisoft’s data and resources with the experience of university researchers to bring innovation in the gaming industry, while helping to solve problems in the real world thanks to scientific publications “, reads the press release.

“Our goal is to keep growing while preserving our DNA: giving Ubisoft in-depth information on new technologies that allow our teams to create unique and immersive experiences, thanks to responsible and people-centric development, “said Yves Jacquier, executive director of Ubisoft La Forge.

The division, based at Ubisoft Montreal, is expanding internationally and has come up to date over seventy prototypesof which thirty are already employed, and over twenty-five major scientific publications in order to create more realistic worlds and develop more powerful tools.

Renowned for the quality of its program and capable of attracting major collaborations with prestigious universities, La Forge has already demonstrated Ubisoft’s technological leadership in the sector, with innovations that are shaping the future of games and how they are made.

This includes solutions such as Choreographan animation technology invented by Ubisoft that allows extensive motion-matching making the movement of characters more natural and intelligent, used for example for Far Cry 6; FaceShiftera solution that assists programmers in automatically generating ultra-realistic faces for non-player characters, and finally SmartNavwhich allows non-player characters to move exactly as the player would.

Privileged access to Ubisoft resources, interdisciplinary teams and La Forge’s winning model for applied research, which advances the work of thousands of developers around the world, are all key assets attracting experts in cutting-edge fields. such as artificial intelligence, coming from different backgrounds.

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