Ubisoft may remain independent, but will evaluate all acquisition proposals, according to the CEO

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In a recent conference call, Yves Guillemot, the CEO of Ubisoftsaid the company has the resources to stay independentbut that will still evaluate all acquisition proposals. Gaming industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, better known as ZhugeEX, reported his statement.

Ahmad also noted that Guillemot, arrived at a question asked by one of those present in the call, is generic and does not really say much, because it is the one that any CEO of any company would have given in a similar situation. In short, it is the classic diplomatic response, however interesting because it shows a certain openness on the subject, with Ubisoft aware of how its model based on intellectual properties and assets is highly sought after by tech companies in the gaming world.

It must be said that at the time of Vivendi’s attempt to climb Ubisoft, it was Guillemot himself who emphasized how essential independence was for the company. He who knows what has changed in the meantime.

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