Ukraine: Chip production will not be halted by war, according to various companies

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As indicated by several companies, the current war in Ukraine it will not have a significant impact on chip manufacturing. The production line will not be blocked in any way.

TSMC, a Taiwan-based company, says there will be no production problems. The government has said that materials such as neon, C4F6 and palladium can be found in other places and numerous stocks are already available.

Additionally, John Neuffer, Chief Executive and President of Semiconductor Industry Associationhe said: “The semiconductor industry has various groups of materials and gas suppliers, so we do not believe there is an immediate risk of supply disruption related to Russia and Ukraine.”

A Bloomberg report indicates that Intel believes that “there will be no impact on the production chain. Our strategy – based on having several supply chains – minimizes our risk of interruption of work.”

Similarly, GlobalFoundries Inc states that there shouldn’t be any risk at the moment.

Obviously the war in Ukraine is a cause of much greater concern than the potential semiconductor crisis. People are in danger, but many gaming companies are trying to help. Ubisoft, for example, donates money and safe houses to its Ukrainian employees.

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