Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2: official release date announced by a trailer

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Brillant Game Studios has released a new trailer Of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 to announce the release date official game: May 12, 2022. The video, which you can find at the head of the news, also shows new gameplay sequences, just to understand what we are talking about.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 was initially supposed to come out in the fall of 2021, but the developers have postponed its launch to better refine it. The first chapter was a very successful game, despite the basic simplicity. Basically the player has to do is fix the battle parameterstypes and quantities of units included, and watch them come to life on the screen.

For example, you can take a look at this spectacular fight to get a feel for the game, or you can watch a single archer take on a million knights.

Before leaving, we remind you that Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 has been announced only for PC. Who knows if it will ever arrive on consoles or other platforms.

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