Uncharted, from game to film: video interview with Tom Holland and Neil Druckmann

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Uncharted was the focus of a video interview with Tom Holland And Neil Druckmann in which the two discussed how we went from game to film.

Apparently the Uncharted film was the protagonist of an excellent debut in the USA and it is clear that this success will also affect the video games of the franchise, with a new chapter that now seems certain although still shrouded in mystery.

“How long have you been working on the idea of ​​an Uncharted movie?” Holland asked Druckmann, who replied, “I came to Uncharted in 2006 and we were trying to figure out how to capture the emotions of a blockbuster movie and bring them on a controller. “

The actor then said that the games in the series boast a cinematic cut that allowed the production of the film to start from very solid foundations, while wondering how to capture the heart of the work.

Holland said he was afraid of the idea of ​​confronting the character of Nathan Drake, also because of the famous interpretation of Nolan North, but that he was able to offer his vision of the character and some new ideas.

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