Uncharted: great debut for the film with Tom Holland in the USA

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The film of Uncharted starring Tom Holland is registering some excellent takings at the US box office, so much so as to make talk of a success, with revenues estimated between 45 and 50 million dollars in the first week of programming, which earned him the first position in the ranking among the most viewed films of the week.

In second position we find Dog, while in third another film with Holland: Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Interestingly, as did analyst Benji-Sales, 48% of Uncharted’s audience was under 25 on its debut day. Especially the little ones gave particularly positive reviews to the film (96%). Many of these may have been exposed to the franchise for the first time.

The film’s success also suggests that the Uncharted franchise is anything but finished. We will probably see other films and other video games in the series, so as to exploit its success with the general public.

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