Uncharted, the film: here are the post-credit scenes and how many are there

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Yesterday the film arrived in Italian cinemas Uncharted, based on the Naughty Dog videogame saga of the same name. At the end of the film there are some post-credit scenes: what are they and how many are they? Here are the details.

First of all, let us specify that it is one spoiler: if you don’t want to know in advance what the post-credit scenes contain and what happens in the film, don’t read on!

That said, you should know that there are two post-credit scenes following the conclusion of the Uncharted movie. There first post-credit scene shows us Sam, Nathan’s brother. Our protagonists think that the boy is dead but in reality he is not: the scene allows us to see him in a filthy prison. Sam is writing a postcard to Nathan to warn him that someone is tracking him and that he needs to be careful.

Nathan sliding on a roof in Uncharted

There second post-credit scene of Uncharted instead shows us Victor Sullivan – played by Mark Wahlberg – who, unlike the film, shows the typical mustache of the character. In this scene, Nathan is trying to sell his ring to a man named Gage in exchange for a “Nazi map”. Gage, however, is buying the ring on behalf of his boss, a man named Roman. The latter could be Gabriel Roman, one of the characters of Drake’s Fortune, the first chapter of the saga. The fact that we are talking about a Nazi map also ties in perfectly with the first game.

Tell us, have you seen the movie yet? What do you think? Finally, here is our Uncharted review.

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